Who we are and what we believe

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St Denys is a Christian Church.  We believe that God has revealed himself uniquely in the
person of Jesus Christ, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that he rose again from the dead, making new life possible for our world, our community and each one of us.
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We are the Parish Church for the village of Evington on the eastern edge of the city of Leicester,
which is part of the Diocese of Leicester in the Church of England.
We are also part of the Evington and Highfields Mission Partnership together with St Philip’s,
St Peter’s and St Stephen’s. We also have close links with Goodwood Evangelical Church, with whom we share a monthly Prayer Breakfast.

While we are passionate about respecting many of the traditions handed down to us since the early days of the Church, we are also committed to our missionary calling to reach out and find fresh ways to share the
Good News of Jesus Christ with our community in word and deed.