Pastoral Care

The pastoral care, and the wholeness & healing, of the congregation is the responsibility of all church members, not just the church leaders.

Here at St Denys, we are currently reviewing the way we administer pastoral care so that we can be fully effective in carrying out this important ministry. If, at any time, you or someone you know requires pastoral care and/or visiting, please speak to one of the Staff Team at church. Alternatively, you can e-mail the office at: or telephone 07803 828454.

We offer Holy Communion to the housebound and at the Care Homes in Evington.

The goal of pastoral care is to help people live life in all it’s fullness in the strength of, and according to,
the example of Jesus (John 1 v10-11). To come some way towards achieving this we offer a wide range of activities
which you can explore here.

Private prayer is available on a one-to-one basis after our main Sunday service.
We offer Bereavement counselling and our All Souls Service is always well attended and appreciated.

Every care is taken to inform and help all who wish to be married or baptised here and we always look forward to
welcoming those visiting and considering sharing worship with us.
For more in formation about arranging a baptism, wedding or funeral, click here.