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Welly Walks at St. Denys Church

St Denys Welly Walk Events run on a half-term/summer holiday basis with the aim to connect attendees to the wonder of God’s creation and encourage creativity.

Themed events have run since January 2016, which last for two hours, and are well attended and met with enthusiasm.
The format combines walking, activities and crafts, including refreshments, and are facilitated by forest school leader, Jodie Knight, and a friendly group of volunteers sourced from St. Denys Church and the local community.

Encouragingly, these events bring families together within a church environment allowing St Denys to establish contact with young families, and building new relations between church and community.
The walking/activity events also strengthen discipleship amongst the volunteers through a positive response to God’s calling by doing good work together and recognising God’s vision for St. Denys church.

In the coming year, we are continuing with more Forest School themed activities.
Outdoor forest school style learning is rising in popularity and there is room for the church to develop activities along this route, making the most of our beautiful setting by the Shady Lane Arboretum on the very edge of the city.

Furthermore, the move towards reconnecting with the environment appeals to all-ages and is inclusive of diversity – everyone in church and beyond can benefit from an outdoor church ethos.
Families of different faith backgrounds engage in activities that include Christian centred traditions over a hot chocolate.

A number of families have asked questions about the church and shown an interest in attending other events.
Those who have attended the welly walks have commented on how delighted they are to see adults and children involved in something together in an outdoors environment.
Overall, this all points to the gifts that God has given to us in our church and location to reach out to the wider community and build connections with families from around Leicestershire and our neighbours in Evington.

Look on the calendar to find out when the next Welly Walk is happening and contact us for more information.